Natural Calamity

Every part of the world is susceptible to natural disasters and no one knows when and how the natural calamities will strikes the communities. These natural calamities could be earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami, floods and dangerous disease spread outs etc. As a human being our responsibility is to respond back immediately with relief efforts and help the victims of natural disaster and provide humanitarian assistance to ease their sufferings. The disaster stricken victims are left with nothing to rebuild their lives. The people in these areas suffer not only physical but also emotional distress as well. They have seen their families and neighbors, perhaps even heard them calling for help when they could do nothing. They are left with desperation, as they are expected to start over again with nothing in their hands.

Donate to Rahbar Foundation`s Disaster Relief fund!

Disaster Relief is a way of reaching out to the victimized people in times of their difficulties. You can be a part of it by giving your best in whatever the way you can, help them and bring their life to normalcy. Rahbar Foundation in collaboration with other NGOs take immediate measures to help such effected people and provide support in the following areas:

  • Relief shelters
  • Meals
  • Medical camps
  • Drinking Water supply
  • Sanitizing the area
  • Distribution of clothes and blankets
  • Rebuilding of homes

Rahbar Foundation as a charity organization will make an appeal whenever there is a need to help the victims of natural calamities. Please lookout for our email circulation or announcements in community center for relief help. As an individual you can volunteer or you can donate the funds.

Once you know what is needed, what you and you kid can do?

The details listed below are many ways that you and your family can volunteer and help Rahbar Foundation for helping the victims of natural calamities.


Findthe weather at the location of people that you are trying to help, If it's winter, last summer's outgrown shorts are not going to be as helpful as a sweater you don't wear anymore. Start a clothing drive at your school, masjid, church, or scout troop. And have a plan to get the goods to the drop-off site or picked up on time for delivery.


Your local supermarket may have a canned goods drive going on; check with them. If not, start your own. As with clothing, be sure to let people know what can be used and what would just be added weight.


Often, money is what the most needed so do a charity drive, bake sale, or car wash to raise money. Make sure a parent or another adult is involved, so you can figure out the best way to handle the money. Rahbar Foundation need checks made out to them. A big jar to collect coins works great, as long as you take it to the bank to be counted (most have automatic counting machines which save hours of stacking and rolling coins), and then deposit the money into the adult's account so she can write the check.

Please donate generously to help the victims online at our website. Please click on DONATE NOW to contribute your responsibility towards helping these disaster victims.