Donate to Sponsor Orphans

Donate to Support orphan children

For years Rahbar Foundation has been working with the orphan children to provide them better healthcare, education opportunities and protection from physical and mental exploitation in India. Rhabar Foundation works in the the poorest communities with our orphan development projects and help the orphans. Our orphan support program in collaboration with other NGOs help is making a difference in society. We help them to get rid from the malnutrition, send them to schools, help widows and pregnant women to deliver safe.

All orphan children deserve education, nutrition, health, and protection. We work with orphanages in India to provide each child with the quality of care and dignity. We also help NGOs and partner with community programs that identify and support at-risk children and vulnerable families. To do all of this, we need continuous support and partnerships with people like you.

Rahbar Foundation has been working to support the orphan children. In India, we go right in the middle of the poorest communities with our development projects and help orphan children be children. We rid them from the clutches of malnutrition, send them to schools and provides all necessary support.

Donate to Support the living expenses of an orphan

As you all knew, lakhs of children are separated from their families, living in orphanages or on the streets without any support. Many survive with no care, unloved and at all types of risk. In some worst cases, this atmosphere exposes children to abuse and psychological trauma. Rahbar Foundation make efforts to reform foster care systems, support vulnerable families. We all know kids everywhere deserve better. We are working in helping orphans to have a better quality of life.

Orphans need your support

Through this collaboration, Rahbar Foundation has helped and partnered with community programs that identify and support at-risk children and vulnerable families. With our orphan support program, we identify such children and provide them with all necessary help. All children are entitled to an education, nutrition, health, and protective services. Over the past years, we have helped orphanages to improve the lives of more than hundreds of children. It can be done because of the hundreds and thousands of generous donors that we have been able to help orphans and widows in India. We need your regular and continuous support to help with vigor and passion.

Rahbar Foundation considers children who have do have one or both parents to be orphans. The death of one or both parents as a result of war, illness, or natural disaster is an awful and bitter truth for orphan children across India. Our objective is to provide care and assistance to those children who have lost their parent’s love and support, allowing them to bloom and receive an education. Children are the most sensitive members of society who need regular and complete care and support to grow and bloom. Our Orphan support and Sponsorship Program gives orphaned children with hope, love and outlook for the future. We provide food, education, hygiene, and other urgent aid to many orphans in a year.

Orphanage Assistance

An orphanage is a practical method of supporting many orphans at once. In sponsoring the orphanage or maintenance of an orphanage, donors can ensure sustainable and comprehensive care for each of the orphans.

For more information please email and we will be happy to answer any questions about our orphanage sponsorship program.

Rahbar Foundation-run Orphanage Support program provide:

  • Shelter and nutritious food to orphans
  • Clothing to orphans
  • Educational opportunities to orphans
  • Comprehensive healthcare to orphans
  • A caring, home-like atmosphere to orphans
  • Individual Orphan Sponsorship to orphans

Rahbar Foundation also run individual orphan sponsorship, a donor has the option to pay $ 50 monthly or $ 720 annually to provide basic essentials and education for an orphan. Through Individual Orphan Sponsorship, We provide below mention support:

  • Nutritious food to Orphan
  • Clothing to Orphan
  • Educational opportunities to Orphan
  • Comprehensive healthcare to Orphan

Upon request from the sponsoring donor, He/she receives annual reports, which include the orphan’s photo along with his or her health and education progress.

Rahbar Foundation Orphan and Widow Fund

A widow is often in drastic need of financial help after the death of her husband. Her loss generally means the loss of a sole income producer with no substantial way for her to earn for her family. With our Orphan and Widow Fund, we are able to provide support and care for children who can’t be solely supported by their mothers. We provide food, clothing, school supplies, and more.