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Educate Orphans

Orphans are amongst the most vulnerable in the society as they do not have the same opportunities as other children. They are often forced into child labor in order to survive and miss out on a normal childhood. These orphans always suffer the most hardship because of the lack of governmental programs to address their educational needs and economic welfare. Often, these orphans in different counties are supported by their local community at a bare minimum subsistence level. The development of these orphan children to become contributing, law-abiding, responsible citizens of the country is severely hampered by a lack of educational and economic opportunity.

Rahbar Foundation believes that only through systematic educations these orphan children can be alleviated above the poverty line. With your generous donations Rahbar Foundation will support these children in orphanages and would provide education by enrolling them in established schools and colleges.

The main objectives of this project: $30 per month only

  • Meet the basic survival needs of orphan children
  • Provide financial support for basic and continuing education
  • Monitor their progress in their educational goals
  • Remove obstacles that hinder their progress

This process will help them become contributing, law-abiding, responsible citizens of the society. To promote an economically stable family life and healthy environment at home, a monthly allowance is given to widowed mothers. The child is no longer forced to work to supplement the family income to the detriment of their own educational goals. You can become sponsor of one or of several children. Through sponsorship you will receive a photo of the child, progress reports and you may also arrange to visit them if you come to India. Such a contribution goes a long way in changing the lives of these individual children and their families, giving each child the skills to make their own way in life and contribute to their community. We are hoping that we can provide more children with an education in the future because there are many poor children in villages and in sub-urban areas, who are not getting any education due to lack of money or the uneducated parents.

Give them the opportunity of going back to school; these orphans could develop practical skills, which would enable the communities to break out of the cycle of poverty.
By sponsoring a child for only $1 a day that is $30 per month, you will be providing him or her with the basics that every child deserves - food, health care and education.
Please make a commitment today and click on DONATE NOW to sponsor an Orphan monthly or you can donate $350 one time for one child for one year.

Rahbar foundation child protection policy

  • The location and family name of a child will be withheld until the donor has been identified. Rahbar Foundation will not publish or make public the address, telephone number or e-mail contact of any of the children or their families.
  • Sponsorship is based on the agreement that donors will not attempt to contact the orphan or their family by any means without the specific permission of Rahbar Foundation.
  • The donor and orphan are free to exchange correspondence through Rahbar Foundation.
  • The donor may visit the orphan, at their own expense, provided written permission is obtained in advance. Rahbar Foundation may obtain background checks before permitting such visits. The visit will be supervised at all times by the Orphans Welfare Officer within that country.
  • Unfortunately, Rahbar Foundation cannot allow unannounced visits to the sponsored orphan. For obvious safety reasons, sponsored children cannot be brought to the donor's country for visits.
  • Photographs and other data posted on the website or circulated through emails are for the purpose of finding potential sponsors with relevant information about the orphan's welfare program. The information and photographs may not be downloaded, copied or replicated without the express permission of Rahbar Foundation.
  • Rahbar Foundation aims to secure sponsorship for orphans to provide them with a better future to enable them to be able to support themselves and their communities.
  • Rahbar Foundation is fully committed to protecting the security, privacy and dignity of its orphans and their families. The Child Rights and Protection procedures detailed in this section are in place to ensure the safety and welfare of children, and to offer them protection from exploitation or abuse.


Childrens Rights

  • The need for physical care and attention
  • The need for intellectual stimulation
  • The need for emotional love and security
  • The need for social contact and relationships
  • The right to have their needs met and safeguarded
  • The right to be protected from neglect, abuse and exploitation
  • The right to be protected from discrimination
  • The right to be treated as an individual. The location and family name of a child will be withheld until the donor has been identified. Rahbar Foundation will not publish or make public the address, telephone number or e-mail contact of any of the children or their families.