Blanket Distribution# As you know the winter season has already begun for this season and imagine the life of the poor people. The life of the people in villages, tribal areas, slums, and urban streets is horrible to see as they do not have a home, or shelter, or no warm clothing and blankets. They live a miserable life and survive the cold weather and sometimes the children and old age people become the victims of the winter season and die. Alhamdulillah Rahbar Foundation has started a winter drive to help such unfortunate people to provide warm clothing and blankets so that they can keep themselves warm during the winter season. Recently we have distributed blankets to the poor people living in villages in Assam state in India. Assam is one of the poor states in eastern  India. The living conditions of people in Assam are below the poverty line. They need your support and help. We are very much thankful to all the Rahbar Foundation donors for their support and generosity. May Allah reward them and their families with good health and more wealth. In order to support our winter drive please donate online at generously.

You can donate any small amount like $25, $50, $100 $250, and $500 and above. Each blanket cost is in the range from $5 to $25 only based on quality and thickness. Al your donations are tax-deductible. Please utilize this year-end season and support as much as you can. Please match your donation with your company to double your donations. Please use the below link to see if your company is participating in corporate matching or not.

Jazakum Allahu Khair,

Azhar Pasha